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We simulate a phone in your browser using a Google Chrome Extension to get around all new detection algorithms!
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Instoo simulates a real user and automates interactions with real users who then click back and follow/like your profile. This way you gain followers that are genuinely insterested in your profile by automating interactions with your ideal targets.


Setup involves adding a target, enabling an action, and watching your followers grow! You will be growing your business on autopilot within minutes from now.


Instoo is unique and doesn't require proxies, because it simulates a real phone on your home network using our Google Chrome Extension. This is the safest possible bot, and for this reason none of our users get "suspicious activity" or "challenge required" warnings.


Use Instoo to compare which targets are performing best and gaining you the most followers. Keep track of your growth and adjust settings to optmimize.

Premium Support

Use the live chat or email to contact us for help on any issues or make suggestions for new features. We will often develop them live with your feedback!

No Proxies

Since Instoo simulates a real phone in your browser, it always looks like a regular instagram user on your home network. This way, it doesn't need proxies and never gets banned!

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