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Why Instoo?

We've developed a suite of automation tools to effectively grow authentic followers.

Instagram Automation

Our popular Instoo Instagram bot gets around all new instagram detection algorithms by fully automating your Browser with a Google Chrome Extension.

Scheduled Posts

Use our scheduled posts platform to schedule posts months in advance for unlimited users. Posting regular unique content is one of the most effective ways to grow automatically.

Tinder Automation

Get your next date automatically with Instoo! We've helped thousands of users get real matches while saving hundreds of hours.

Live Support

Use the live chat support anytime to get help or advice on scaling your account! We're here to help you optimize your settings for the best possible growth.

Money Back Garantee

Safely test Instoo with a 100% money back guarantee. You can request a refund if you're unsatisfied for any reason.

Unlimited Accounts

We're ideal for businesses looking to manage a brands or teams. One Instoo license grants you access to automate interactions and schedule posts for unlimited accounts.

Why Social Automation?

Our automation tools interact with real users on your behalf. This compels only users who are interested in your products to interact with you. Automating social actions like this has been proven effective at growing authentic followers for our over 26 thousand global users.

Buying followers is only useful for cosmetic purposes. Bought followers don't care about your product, and may not even understand your language. Never buy followers directly.

Automated Business Growth

Your target audience is guaranteed to be using Instagram, and Instoo allows you to interact with thousands of targetted users per day.

Automated Brand Growth

Save hundreds of hours per month while Instoo grows your brand automatically for you. We frequently hear from users who went from cold start to over 10k followers using Instoo.

Surgical Targets

Maximize your growth and CTR by targetting using accounts, hashtags, or locations. You can "steal" the followers of your competitors by directly targetting them for automated interactions!

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Test our undetectable automation bot for free to see for yourself. You'll start to see engagement within the first hour!

Instoo Instagram Automation Bot

Our Instagram bot, Instoo, allows viewing thousands of stories per day without blocks.

Instoo is a unique bot, because it's installed as an open source chrome extension in your browser. This way, it always looks like a regular browser user to Instagram.

Instoo doesn't require proxies since it runs on your home network, and none of our users have ever been banned. This is the safest possible bot in 2020.

Automated Scheduled Posts

Save hundreds of hours per month by scheduling all your posts in advance for unlimited accounts.




Free Plan

  • Create Stories/buttons/grids with Swipe Links
  • Add google analytics tags to links pages
  • No branding and simple minimalistic layouts
  • Limited automated scheduled posts
  • 3 Day Trial Bot
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Premium Plan

  • Create Stories/buttons/grids with Swipe Links
  • Add google analytics tags to links pages
  • No branding and simple minimalistic layouts
  • Automate Scheduled Posts
  • Automate Mass Story Viewing
  • Automate likes/follows/unfollows
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Social Profiles and Posts
  • 24/7 Support
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